How to use your webspace

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Take a look at the top of this screen, you will see a “Webspace User:” on the very top bar.   This is your user for the webspace.   You will use this to upload files to the site, or access cPanel.   

To see your site, you either go to the domain you choose when you signed up for your account, or, you will go to where “class” should be replaced by the proper instructor site ID and “user” should be replaced by your user name you saw at the top of the screen.  Make sure you keep the tilda(~) in there, its important.

To manage your account using cPanel, go to and login with your webspace user and your password.  You can upload files, manage databases, or other things through this interface.

If you would like to FTP files to your site, you can access that with the hostname for your class (i.e. ) and the same webspace user and password.

Note:  if you go to your WordPress site, and login, this may not be the webspace user/password, it may have the same user as your login to the instructor site, or, it might be different, you will need to ask your instructor.