Create a Class

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When the student sign up for webspace, they are asked to select a class.  This is to organize the students so that they can be administered and marked in an orderly fashion.  You need to create one or more classes for your students to sign up.

This assumes, that, if you want to install WordPress onto the students’ webspaces, you have created the appropriate Install Type (see here).  To create a Class, follow these steps:

  1. Enter your admin site (see here) and go to “DragonTeach” and “Classes”
  2. Enter a title for your class.   For example “Marketing 101, Summer Semester, Tuesday”.
  3. Enter a maximum number of students to allow sign up to this class.
  4. Enter the class End Date.  The class will no longer show up to the students after this end date.  Your information will still be available to the admins.
  5. Select the webspace type.   This is the install type you configured earlier (see here)
  6. If you have BBPress installed, you will see an option to select a primary Forum for this class.
  7. If you would like your students to be able to select a subdomain to use for their site, you can select either to use subdomains off the domain, or, if you have a domain of your own, you can add it as an option for the students to create subdomains off of.  Note, there is DNS configuration which is a prerequisite (See here).  If you don’t allow subdomains, the student’s webspace will be
  8. If you are having your students pay for their accounts themselves, you can select that here.  The student will be prompted for payment before they get a webspace.
  9. You can enter a password so that students can only signup for the class if they know the password.  You must have either a password or an email restriction for the class.
  10. If you choose a password, you can choose to ignore the email restrictions.