Getting Started with WordPress

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If you have gone through the setup on DragonTeach, you will now have a WordPress install you can use. Congratulations! Now what?

WordPress has a wealth of information and howtos on their web site. Check it out here… On this page, on the left side menu, take a look at “Basic Usage” and “Customizing” – these will likely have instructions about how to do most of the things you want to start with.

Where to go from here…

Let start by creating a page. You can take a look at If you follow those instructions on your site, you will have a page that can be seen by the world!

You site has a page now, but, it still looks like a default site. WordPress has thousands of themes that can completely change the entire look of your site. Take a look at to see how to install a new theme and make your site look awesome.

What else can WordPress do? Lots! Additional functionality can be accomplished with plugins. Like the themes, WordPress has a repository of thousands of plugin, each of which can make your site do something new. Everything from adding forms to your pages to backing up. Take a look at for more details.

Happy WordPressing!

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